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Xanax (alprazolam) is a prescription medicine belonging to a class of drugs known as the benzodiazepines. The drug is prescribed for anxiety attacks, panic disorders, and phobias because its effects on the brain reduce anxiety. It is often abused because of its sedative effects, and when misused it can become addictive. Xanax abuse can cause serious consequences to all aspects of a person's life. This makes Springfield Xanax drug treatment a very important part of drug recovery.

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Physical Effects of Xanax Abuse

When Xanax is used in ways other than those prescribed it can produce a tolerance, which means the user must take more of the drug than before to achieve the same effect. Other physical Xanax abuse effects include relaxation, drowsiness, sleeping for long periods, poor concentration and short-term memory, light-headedness, slurred speech, nausea, and headaches. Xanax slows down the breathing rate, which is made more pronounced if the drug is taken with alcohol.

Xanax abuse signs include relationship difficulties with family and friends, missing work or other commitments, financial problems, and the appearance of withdrawal symptoms if the drug use is stopped. Motivation for activities that were previously pleasurable gradually disappear, and the drug user often forgets fine details of tasks or conversations. If the drug abuse continues for long enough obtaining it becomes more important than almost anything else. If it is not available the user may become dependent on other drugs instead.

Emotional Effects of Xanax Abuse

Xanax causes mental and emotional effects, including a calming of anxiety and racing thoughts, and reduction in worry. Abuse of the drug can also produce confusion and a feeling of elation. Mood swings are common and the drug use can lead to psychotic experiences, depression, and aggressive or impulsive behaviors.

Treatment for Xanax Abuse

As with other drug addictions and dependencies, professional treatment is essential to ensure the withdrawal period is safe and successful since unsupervised withdrawal from Xanax can result in dangerous side effects such as seizures. Inpatient treatment may be necessary to address other issues that are often associated with drug abuse, such as depression or other mental health disorders.

You can also visit your local Narcotics Anonymous (http://www.usrecovery.info/NA/Mississippi.htm) for more support.

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