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Suboxone Detox Explained

Educating Yourself to Expect during Suboxone Detox is An Important Step on the Road to Sobriety...   The opioid epidemic in the US has reached unprecedented proportions. As many as 2,000,000 Americans presented with a prescription opioid disorder in 2015, and the number is only growing. The la... Read More

OxyContin Facts: Addiction and Recovery

Oxycodone facts about addiction treatment and symptoms of oxycodone withdrawal...   OxyContin can be described as a painkiller that falls in the category of a narcotic oxycodone hydrochloride. It is a painkiller that is only given out by prescription for the relief of moderate to severe pain. ... Read More

How to Tell If Someone Is Shooting Up Drugs

You may be able to get help for your loved one, if you know how to tell if someone is shooting up drugs and reach out to the experts...   It's always a scary moment when you start to suspect that someone is shooting up drugs. How to tell for sure doesn't come naturally to most people. Educatin... Read More

Missouri Alcohol Rehab

Trying to quit using, but you're not too sure where to begin? Missouri alcohol rehab centers can help you...   You have thought about quitting, but you are worried that it may be too difficult and - in reality - you are not even sure what the first step you need to take is. That is why Missour... Read More

How Can Drug Rehab Springfield MO Save Your Life

Understanding the benefits of seeking treatment in a Drug Rehab Springfield MO...   What is inpatient rehab? Inpatient rehab is a residential treatment program, which aims to help individuals successfully recover their lives from substance abuse or addiction. Being as though inpatient rehab t... Read More

Signs of Drug Use in Teens

Signs of Drug Use in Teens:...   There are many reasons why teens begin to use drugs, and more teens are dying from prescription drugs than cocaine and heroin combined. Marijuana seems to be a popular drug choice amongst teens also and about 23% of high school seniors use marijuana on a regula... Read More

Springfield Xanax Drug Treatment

Xanax (alprazolam) is a prescription medicine belonging to a class of drugs known as the benzodiazepines. The drug is prescribed for anxiety attacks, panic disorders, and phobias because its effects on the brain reduce anxiety. It is often abused because of its sedative effects, and when misused it ... Read More

Springfield Heroin Overdose Treatment

Heroin addiction is making a resurgence in the American culture, with heroin overdose rates that are soaring in many parts of the country. The crackdown on prescription pill mills and decreasing prices of heroin have made the drugs even more popular among opiate abusers. Increasing heroin overdose r... Read More

Springfield Flakka Addiction Treatment

Flakka is the street name for alpha-PVP (alphapyrrolidinopentiophenone) that is also known as gravel in some parts of the United States. The designer drug is a type of synthetic cathinone similar to the composition of bath salts that can be snorted, injected, vaporized or eaten. Springfield flakka a... Read More

Family Addiction Treatment

Family addiction treatment professionals seek to understand the problem of addiction from a systems perspective. When viewed through this prism, dependency appears as a subset of a broader structure of interdependent relationships such as family and society. The corollary of this perspective on fami... Read More

Community of Springfield MO Empowering Young Adults

Teens today face pressure from all directions, whether it be going through changes emotionally, a heavy work load from school, making new friends, finances of college, the burdens are unlimited. The youth of Springfield, like many other cities, are using drugs and drinking as a means to escape stres... Read More

Addiction: When Someone Refuses Rehabilitation Treatment

You fully know that your loved one is abusing drugs or alcohol, however, he or she refuses to get treatment. Or it could be even worse, the loved one refuses to acknowledge that a problem with drugs or alcohol exists. It's terrifying to watch a person you love damage him/herself with drug or alcoho... Read More

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