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Flakka is the street name for alpha-PVP (alphapyrrolidinopentiophenone) that is also known as gravel in some parts of the United States. The designer drug is a type of synthetic cathinone similar to the composition of bath salts that can be snorted, injected, vaporized or eaten. Springfield flakka addiction treatment centers rid addicts of the dependence on the drug and allows them to live productive, healthy lives.

There are records of at least one alpha-PVP user dying after having a heart attack after experiencing a psychotic delirium and further reports of people dying from kidney failure and excessively high body temperatures. The risk of accidental overdose is significantly increased when combined with other drugs.

Alpha-PVP, the active ingredient in the drug, is listed as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act across several states in America and is illegal to manufacture, sell or possess the substance. Flakka has been named as the cause of death in a number of suicides and overdose deaths.

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Effects of Flakka Abuse

Users feel as though they have super-human strength while under the effects of the drug. The initial rush of adrenaline floods the body with excess energy that is accompanied by a feeling of heightened awareness.

As the effects of the drug deplete the body's resources, the user may also experience hyper-stimulation, paranoia, vivid hallucinations, delusions, muscle cramps, rapid heartbeat, high body temperature, and violent psychotic behavior.

Why Are People Using Flakka?

Flakka is sold for as little as $5 per dose or around $150 for one-eighth of an ounce, making it significantly cheaper for drug users to buy on the streets in comparison to other illicit substances.

Rehab treatment experts find it particularly challenging to treat people struggling with flakka abuse, as the drug hijacks sections of the brain in powerful ways. People in rehab who are recovering from flakka abuse, may still experience cognitive impairment several months after drug usage has stopped, with some still displaying symptoms of aggression, psychosis and heightened anxiety. Ongoing psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy coupled with anti-anxiety medications offer the best results for treating flakka addiction.

You can visit your local Narcotics Anonymous (http://www.mrscna.net/) to share your story.

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