Signs of Drug Use in Teens

Signs of Drug Use in Teens:

There are many reasons why teens begin to use drugs, and more teens are dying from prescription drugs than cocaine and heroin combined. Marijuana seems to be a popular drug choice amongst teens also and about 23% of high school seniors use marijuana on a regular basis, according to The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). For concerned parents, there are specific signs of drug use in teens that can act as a red flag for possible teen drug abuse.

Some of the warning signs and symptoms of drug use include a change in your teen's behavior. If your teen is acting differently than he or she usually does, there is probably a good reason. Helping a troubled teen can be difficult but not impossible, so try not to become discouraged; some days will be better than others. Teenagers are experiencing major physical and hormonal changes in their body that can make them moody and irritable. Though this is normal behavior for teens, other changes in behavior can indicate signs of drug use in teens.

How to Tell if Your Teen is Using Drugs:

How to tell if your teen is using drugs can often be determined by observing some of the warning signs and symptoms of drug use, which include:

  • Having extreme mood swings with feelings of anger, sadness or depression for an extended period of time.
  • Having a nasty, disrespectful attitude toward parents and other family members.
  • Showing feelings of hatred toward a friend or family member.
  • Stealing or borrowing money from friends or family members can indicate a drug problem, as well as buying expensive items that they could not normally afford may indicate stealing or drug dealing.
  • A change in attitude, behavior, personal style, and values may also indicate a drug problem.
  • Lying about where they are going and who they are with. Lying is an attempt to hide something from you that they know you will not approve of.
  • Showing no guilt or remorse for disobeying you is a dangerous and rebellious sign.
  • Your teen may drop his or her former friends and make new friends who are using drugs. He or she may begin to act and dress the way new friends do in order to fit-in with the group. If your teen is changing his or her values and behavior to gain the acceptance of new friends, it may indicate that these new friends have a strong influence, which can ultimately lead to teen drug abuse.

Other warning signs and symptoms of drug use include self-harm. If your teen is cutting or hurting him or her self in some form, it is a serious sign of trouble. This type of behavior is often followed by violent or suicidal behavior and, in many cases, is also associated with the other signs of drug use in teens.

Teen Drug Abuse – How Can it Occur?

There are many reasons why a teen will begin to use drugs other than peer pressure. Knowing the signs and symptoms is how to tell if your teen is using drugs. Teens who have been victimized by physical or sexual abuse often act out in their teen years because of the trauma that they've suffered. If there is active drug or alcohol abuse in the home, the teen may also begin using.

Teens that have witnessed the trauma of spousal abuse between their parents, or live in a stressful home may also have deep-seated trust and security issues. Bullying is another form of abuse that teens suffer that may lead to low self-esteem and self-worth. All of these traumatic events can make a teen to feel troubled emotionally and psychologically. Because of this, they may be inclined turn to drugs as a way to escape the overwhelming feelings they are experiencing.

If your teen has emotional or psychological problems, they should be treated with counseling and therapy. Many teens with these problems do turn to drugs and it would be wise for you to take action before that happens.

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