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Teens today face pressure from all directions, whether it be going through changes emotionally, a heavy work load from school, making new friends, finances of college, the burdens are unlimited. The youth of Springfield, like many other cities, are using drugs and drinking as a means to escape stress. Colleges and high schools are aware of the pressures that students are under and also aware of the drug abuse epidemic. Missouri State College, local high schools, and nurses from the hospitals are setting up programs to help educate about the threat of drug addiction and alcohol abuse and also to give support to teens who are in recovery from substance abuse. Missouri has ranked as having some of the highest rates of unintentional overdose from prescription drug abuse. More accidental deaths in MO come from drugs of addiction than from other accidents involving cars or disease. Youth ages 18 -25 are the main victims of prescription drug abuse and overdose.

The nurses in the ER became increasingly concerned about the amount of youths they were seeing come in as a result of drug abuse and misuse. From accidental and unintentional overdose as well as driving incidents involving drugged driving, young adults are highly susceptible to causing injury to themselves and others by not being aware of the consequences of participating in substance abuse. The nurses have started a program where they host a forum discussing risky behavior and both parents and children are welcome to participate. The forum focuses on educating both populations on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse and which ways parents can talk to educate their children on experimenting with the substances. The nurses also are providing information on getting help for addiction and equipping attendees with the most valuable lessons through videos and experiences of people who were less fortunate in dangerous situations where drugs were involved. This is a great drug abuse and alcohol addiction prevention method as well as tool for lowering negative statistics related to substance abuse in Springfield MO. According to a government survey one in eight nighttime-weekend drivers tested positive for drugs or alcohol and 33 percent of fatal accidents was a result of substance misuse.

Missouri College just created a program on campus for students who are in recovery to seek counseling and connect with one another as a means of support. The club called SoBear is in place to give recovering drug addicts and alcoholic youths engage in productive activities that help them avoid substance abuse. With college being a breeding ground for addiction, binge drinking, and social events that revolve around alcohol it can be difficult for a recovering student to abstain. This program is great for the students who have already completed drug rehab or alcohol treatment and can use the program as a recovery tool. For students who haven't been in a treatment center and think they are struggling with a drug dependence or alcoholism they can also speak to a counselor about getting help for addiction. Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers Springfield are available to help students find the treatment they need, whether it be aftercare or initial rehabilitation.

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