Family Addiction Treatment

Family addiction treatment professionals seek to understand the problem of addiction from a systems perspective. When viewed through this prism, dependency appears as a subset of a broader structure of interdependent relationships such as family and society. The corollary of this perspective on family addiction treatment is that addicts influence - and are influenced by - other members of a system.

Family addiction treatment can benefit anyone who has a loved one suffering from addiction. For more information, please seek out Springfield drug treatment centers today.

The Value of Treatment

Because dependency has significant adverse effects on the family unit, the value of treatment cannot be gainsaid, particularly considering the sometimes paradoxical interactions between addiction and familial relationships. For instance, positive family intervention is often the reason why most addicts seek treatment; however, research has also shown that if one family member abuses drugs and alcohol, the risk of other members eventually developing substance abuse disorders increases.

Why Families Need Addiction Treatment

Without family addiction treatment, substance abuse disorders can negatively affect the family unit in other ways. Parents who abuse drugs may be unable to set or enforce rules, precipitating confusion in their children as they are unable to predict the consequences of their behavior. Children with substance abuse problems may be unable to consistently follow rules, frustrating their parents and siblings. Communication in households hosting one or more addicts may be characterized by constant complaints and criticism, precipitating a chronic pall of negativity over the affected family. In cases where parents abuse drugs, children may be forced to act as surrogate parents or spouses, and they may also develop complex psychological denial mechanisms.

Relationships between people with substance abuse problems and their spouses or relatives may eventually be characterized by codependency, a condition typified by an excessive concern for others to the detriment of personal needs. Codependent individuals may develop the perception that others cannot take care of themselves and thus end up being controlling. They may also show unusual loyalty to people who mistreat them, deny their own feelings and consistently compromise their values in order to avoid anger and rejection. Unfortunately, codependency only enables addiction.

These are some of the problems that family addiction treatments seeks to solve. Generally grouped under marriage and family therapy, these mitigation methodologies are predominated by four models, each based on a distinct perspective.

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